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I am an illustrator based in Berlin,
but I spent my childhood in the inspiring nature of Austria.
I liked to design and build houses in the woods near our block, for my gifted friend Big Jim. The action figure with this genius button on the back. If you pressed it courageously, he moved his arm up and down. Despite his obviously strong muscles, he never used them to anybody's harm. He liked small animals, moss and pine cones, read comics with enthusiasm and drank a lot of elder juice.

On our way back home, we had to pass the territory of a very beautiful and even meaner Afghan Hound. Once we made it back to our warm and cosy room with luck, Big Jim watched me capture our adventures on paper. Drawing became an important tool to deal with the collage of glorious and frightening impressions of being alive.

I split with Big Jim at the age of eleven, because of a small dog. Her name was Dusty and she was supposed to be white. I tried persistently to teach her painting with watercolours for some years. But this never worked out perfectly.

So I decided to seek more ambitious companions, finished school and started graphic design studies in Vienna. After my diploma at the University of Applied Arts I longed for an open-minded place to live and tinker and my search led me to Berlin.

Now I have two daughters, who never work at the touch of a button but at least they draw better than a dog.

I take great satisfaction in finding and reassembling images, turning them into something new and unique.
My appetite for new techniques never comes to an end and I love to share great pictures and tall stories.

If you are nice, you get a slice.



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